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  • Matérialité Recherche-Création|物質性創作研究計畫

Expo|Le déphasage

15. 06 - 09. 07. 2023 History Museum Pine Garden, Taïwan

Approche|Le déphasage

Texte|Artistes LIN Yu-Ta , CHUANG Hsin-I

Vision en anglais traduite par Kai-Ping FANG

The perception of the body is a way of understanding nature, which enables us to distinguish between various states of being. Yet, we often fail to notice subtle, ongoing changes in our internal sensations. Déphasage is a concept developed by French philosopher Gilbert Simondon to explore the relationship between intentionality (intentionnalité) and technicality (technicité). It illustrates the existence of the "pre-individual (pré-individuel)" state, which transforms the tangible body (corps propre) into an intermediary entity (être médiatisé). Philosopher Emmanuel Levinas sees déphasage as the nuance between "the said" (le dit) and "the saying" (le dire). This concept departs from thinking regulated by identity logic and reveals discrepancies at the edges of linguistic meaning on limited linguistic communication interfaces.

Contemporary art has, since readymades, undergone a series of movements, including Mono-ha, Jing-Pai, Neo-materialism, French Touch, and Post-sense Sensibility. The approach of "duration" of materiality in the artwork has evolved alongside these creative ideas. The artist's creative process has transitioned from ideal paradigms to capturing reality and compressing abstract translations among realistic fakery with precision, resulting in various possible forms of perception. However, what is the nature that artworks engage in? Is it an alibi of possibilities (l'alibi des possibles), or is it an exceptional trace of absence? This exhibition delves into the generation of bodily perception and the significance of expressive activity. It is not a process of materializing perceptions, but rather a "trace of retention” that exists in and coexists with space through thoughts. It cannot be referred to because it is "happening" in a moment that is in a transitional phase of construction and dispersion. To avoid the potentiality (possible) based on the orientation of construction consciousness, while erasing time, it is also expedient to spatialize the process of duration contained in materiality. The two creators will embark on a series of explorations of material forms at the Pine Garden, contemplating how to create a more immediate (immédiate) bodily experience that bridges perception and sensation, with an emphasis on the stimulation of every natural state and the “(enduring) process" it inhabits. They invite viewers to perceive time as a dimension of materiality, allowing every moment of the present to become a kind of complex simultaneity (simultanéité épaisse).

Le Déphasage is a silent material pursuit that momentarily detaches us from the conscious action of identity, objectivity, and correlation, enabling the double movement (acte) of sensation to manifest. Weakening perceptions (perception affaiblie) continuously preserve the secondary qualities (secondes qualités) that are hidden in the material, weaving emotional residues of secondary expression in different corners of the field, in silence.

© 原文發表於2023展覽「位差 Le déphasage」展覽專文、慢談會


Le déphasage

Exposition ouverte du

15. 06 au 09. 07. 2023, de 09h à 17h

History Museum Pine Garden

No. 65, songyuan st.,

Hualien city, Taiwan

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